May. 8th, 2017

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Ripped out the dead catnip plants from the pot they were in. Fed the two lime trees and the orange tree with specialized plant food for citrus. Mixed up batch of regular plant food for all the other potted plants.

Pruned back the chili plants in the front yard, as it seems to be flagging a bit. Will see if it perks up after the feed and prune. If not, I'll take one of the chilies out of the freezer, thaw and germinate some of the seeds.

I did this without using knee support, but my left calf started cramping. It's those damned shoes! The nano I took them off and walked bare footed in the house, the cramping stopped.
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I was cleaning and refilling the hummingbird feeders. I turned not quite right, right knee didn’t like it and I stumbled. When I reached out to get my balance, I dropped the feeder and it shattered. *sigh*

Have cleaned up all the glass, cleaned and refilled the remaining ones. The bright side is it was one of the smaller feeders, not the one of the large ones. Have ordered a new one from Amazon.

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