Mar. 12th, 2017

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All seems to be going well. Keito is slowly putting on weight, which is a good thing. He is also quick stepping and jogging, rather than being shaky and tottering when walking. He is once again, very interactive, occasionally mooching a bit of chicken from one of us. We are careful about the amount given him, as he is on a feeding schedule. Well, as much as you can schedule a cat to do anything.

No more having to haul him out from under Alan's bed insulin shot, or hunt him up for his next feed.

Routine is as follows:

Let Loki out into back yard.
Feed Keito, set timer for 30 minutes. Prep 1 UI injection.
Feed Trance and Ziggy.
Keito's done eating, let Loki in and feed him, letting Keito into back yard or into the enclosure.
30 minutes later DING. Let Keito in, pick him up, put him on the washing machine, pat pat, pet pet, tent skin, put needle in, draw plunger out, no blood, inject. Pat pat pet pet, let Keito go where he wants. Takes all of 30 seconds, if that.

Also, all we have to do is say "Keito, time to eat!" and he comes out from where ever he was sleeping.

So, is Feline Diabetes a bit scary? Yes, but it's manageable.

Keito took over Wing 's side of the bed last night. The bald patch from his recent vet visit. He was supposed to get a BGL curve test, but because there was a goof up on his morning injecting (new vet nurse didn't get the insulin in the syringe, but in her defense, getting that one IU in there, and it NOT being just an air bubble is damned tricky), so he's going back again this upcoming Wednesday. I have the mop at the ready. A Mop? Because whenever he sees the pet carrier, he gets scared and 'panic pees'.

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