Feb. 24th, 2017

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We were able to bring Keito home last night, after we were given a demonstration as to how to give him his insulin injection, his new feeding schedule, and what to keep an eye out for regarding anything adverse.

When we got him home, Trance was “Ooooo you’re back!” and sniffed him all over. Ziggy was pretty much the same. Big boofy Loki reacted as if he had seen a ghost!

Much pats, scritches and happiness about having him back home.

This morning:

Where’s my breakfast! I was awakened by gentle nibbling on my fingers and my cheek. IOWs, back to normal behavior!

Breakfast is served, and Loki no longer behaving as if Keito is a ghost. 

Prepped Keito’s single insulin injection. 

The injection was so easy, the needle so small, that I had to double check to make sure the syringe was empty. Keito is now snoozing in his favorite ‘after breakfast’ spot. In Alan’s room.

As I typed earlier, I know our time with him is limited. 4 maybe 5 years, but I want those years and want him as healthy as possible during them

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