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Street Photography, Perth W.A. Canon 5DmkIV, Tamron 24-70
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Wing and I head into Fremantle just about every Friday. Him, for his photo project (one photo a week of the same restaurant to see how things change over the seasons), and me for some night time street photography.

I don't feel so bad about something now, because it's not only me he will walk in front of, or into the frame, screwing up a photo. He did it to some tourists last night, and they were not happy. I apologized to them, and explained that he has photo-bombed or blocked so many photos by not paying attention those around him, and it's an ongoing problem. He gets idea of photo, and loses all spatial awareness.
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But a very good one. Got up early, as Wing said we were expected in Leederville by 10am. I was up and ready on time, but Wing was running late like usual. So, arrived a bit late, and we all had a goodly breakfast, did a bit of street photography, then headed to Lake Monger.

What surprised me was how far around the lake I managed to walk without having to sit down, or starting to limp. Definite improvement from the last time. Doc did say it would take years for me to completely recover, but I would. And I am! :D

After a few hours there, Wing and headed into Fremantle to attend a Venture Photography gathering. Hung out there for a few hours. While I was taking photos, I felt someone tap me on my shoulder. I turned to look, and a very nice young man handed me a rose, and said "Thank you for supporting the "Sea Shepherds" I was wearing the 'official' Sea Shepherds hooded sweatshirt (keep Zimmerman away from me!). Then I got a hug from him. Kinda made my day.

Came home, and surprisingly my back is not too sore. Here's hoping that there's no being lame tomorrow.

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