May. 9th, 2017

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One of the cats scratching posts is losing it's rope again, so I got out the rough rope, and went to get the staple gun.

When I went to pick up the staple gun, which I had put on the bottom shelf, away from any cleaners or liquid, it was stuck. Why? Because someone put in a bottle of floor cleaner, without making sure it was tightly capped, and the whole thing poured INTO the staple gun.

*insert some bad words here*

I managed to get the pusher unit out, and looked down the magazine. There was a huge clot of soap clotted staples stuck in it, just under the driver, and the pivoting base staple gun was stuck.

Filled up sink with scalding hot water, and placed the staple gun in there. Twiddled thumbs for about 20 minutes (aka putting away the aborted Scratch Post Repair items) Got a flashlight, and a long, thin metal spike. Managed to get the base open, and saw just how clotted and rusty the staples were. Very very VERY carefully using the spike, I pried the staples apart and took them out a few at a time. Ran more scalding water over the unit. Coming from the front, i pushed until I could feel the stuck staples give. I managed to get the rest of them out.

Inspected the staplegun. It will need to be soaked for a while to unclot the rest of the gummed upcleaning solution. I have my silocone spray to give it a good lubrication when it's been cleaned.

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