Mar. 15th, 2017

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Today Keito spent the day at the vet for a Blood Glucose Levels curve test to make sure the insulin amount he is given is enough, and not too little or too much.

At the start of the day after his first feed, his BGL was 20. After insulin, it dropped to 15, then to 12, then to 8.3, then the last test was 7.6.

The 20 is normal after overnight and first feed. It would only be dangerous if that level was sustained for days or weeks. That he responds so well to Glargine (feline insulin) is a good thing. Also, how low it goes could mean his pancreas is making SOME insulin on its own.

When we brought him in on Feb 27, he weighed 4.92kgs. He now weighs 5.22kgs. This is a very good thing. I asked Dr D about Keito demanding a slightly larger feed in the afternoon. He said that with Keito's good BGL numbers, that would be fine.

As long as nothing untoward happens, he doesn't have to go back for 3 months. And that will be for a blood sample to go to the lab.

Keito enjoying his last feed for the day.

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