May. 26th, 2017

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Zoner Photo Studio went subscription only in their last version. I asked them if they would ever have a non-subscription version and they said no. I told them (paraphrasing) "So long, and thanks for all the fish!" because I had gotten, tested and endorsed their product as being a Non-Subscription alternative to Photoshop.

However, they insist on emailing me about subscription sales. I keep saying "Please only contact me if you opt to have a Single User Standalone License."

I know, I know, you think mass mailing list. But the only way I can see if they WILL have single user standalone is if I am on the mailing list.

You would think with them offering subscriptions for 85% off all the fewking time, that to me shows their rental model ain't all it's cracked up to be, they would offer a standalone version for people who got their software because it WASN'T subscription!
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I have been using Open Live Writer since Microsoft decided to not update logins and the program itself. I typically use it as a blogging tool for WordPress and Blogger (mirror Blogs)

From one day to another, the version I was using kept having errors when trying to post to blogger. So, I checked for update, there was one, so I dutifully downloaded and installed it. Problem is that the new version doesn't load the blog template correctly. I have tried deleting and re-downloading the blog template, but nope, it keeps coming up with the one on the left, with gray text instead of how it's supposed to be on the right.

I have submitted this info to them today. Here’s hoping!
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His BGL is always high first thing in the morning because he needs insulin shot after his first feed. What we want are good fructosamine levels. (Glucose attaches to hemoglobin)

Keitos' is in the 'good control' level, just missing the Excellent Control. (Insert happy applause here.) Will aim for excellent control over time, but very pleased with results, as he is a 14 year old moggie. He is happy, in good health, other than the diabetes, so we aren't aiming for 'perfect' numbers of a 4 year old cat.

No need to recheck for six months unless we have a problem.

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