Apr. 25th, 2017


Apr. 25th, 2017 07:50 am
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I finally finished downloading all my images I had posted in the LJ galleries/scrapbook. I think it was fear of losing some of those images that kept me from switching to other blog to be the Main one, and the others just mirrors.

Still not too thrilled how Dreamwidth archives images, but I have alternate method, using FLICKR.

So now, of the PTB in Russia decide I am too political, or too critical of Putin, or too supportive of LGBT rights, and censor me, it will have negligible impact if any.
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I gave them POOR rating on how they handled my problem, and the reasons why:

No one bothered to read what I had sent. I TOLD you I had already followed the instructions on your website, but that the SEND THIS BOOK option was NO WHERE on my Android App. That the app is fully up to date, using a Galaxy S7, Android Ver 7.01. All you did was copy and paste the website instructions into an email and send it to me. NO HELP!

I am not the ONLY person having this issue. It's making the rounds in REDDIT and you have really cheesed off your customers removing the ability to gift a book. And don't tell me to just get a membership, because the people I have wanted to give a book to already have one. It's stupid stuff like this that makes people look for ways to 'convince' your proprietary MP3 format, which can ONLY be played on Audible approved devices (that still rankles me), to play on other devices, in NON-proprietary MP3 format, or look for the audio CDs instead. I am not saying I do this, but I can understand WHY.

Think it will get through their thick heads that removing the ability to gift a book is LOSING customers?

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