Mar. 30th, 2017

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I went to see Dr S as scheduled to see about my knee. It was still swollen, even with the anti-inflammatory. I told Dr S wanted to go with the SYNVISC asap. He told me it takes a week for it to arrived, and he was scheduled to be elsewhere in a week. I asked if the company that makes SYNVISC has express shipping, but they don't. Dr S said they had one treatment at the practice (one is all that is needed) and I asked "Can I call and have them ship you a replacement and we get this done today?"

The answer was yes. Called and ordered it, and had shipping address as Dr S.

Then it came time for me to get it injected into my knee. Swab the knee, inject local anesthetic deep in. Before the needle was taken out, a syringe was used to drain almost 25ml of seroma like fluid from the knee. No wonder if felt like I had a sponge in the joint. Too much 'hydrolic fluid'.

Synvisc injected, barely felt a thing. Here's hoping that I am in the 80% success rate section. (Then I had a day of blessed NO pain in my knee for most of the day.)

Then off to see Hadyn. Told him about how my right calf was stiff. Too many 'dip heels below stair level, then go up onto toes'. He really worked the huge knot I had in it. The he saw my flexor and glutes were locked/stiff, and he REALLY worked on that. Umm ow? I have said before, and I say again, that physiotherapists have to be a touch sadistic.

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