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Actually, no funeral. He has been cremated already. No flowers, but if you wish to honor him, make a donation to a local animal shelter in his name.

City of Live Oak: Shelter animals need good homes

He is going to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery, full military honors.

I can't tell you how much I do NOT want that orange idiot attending or officiating. Draft dodger Donald is not welcome, not by a long shot.
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My 5DMkIII is getting its yearly service (remove any and all dust from sensor, viewfinder, check for any problems) so I am using my 7D. What's strange is this: I have to go back to checking my Cliff Notes on how it works. The layout is similar to the 5D, but just enough different to make me look like a noob when I'm trying to adjust things.

Funny, I used to operate the controls on it without looking. Now, I can see myself frowning trying to remember what does what.

Once again; it's like learning how to speak Spanish, then going to visit Italy. So close, so similar, but... nope.

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