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Yes, I know that 123Cheese is gone, defunk, vanished into the bitstream. That isn't the difficultly.

The difficulty is this: Photobookshop dot com dot au, Photobookclub dot com dot au, and The Designer all use the same program. Same layouts, same menus, same EVERYTHING... BUT, they can't read each other's finished products (and two of them are different branches of same freaking company!) due to encryption. Really, guys? Do you really think there is a black market in trading photobook formats?

So, how do I fix the problem of getting my 123Cheese photobook into any of the other. The slow, tedious, repetitive open each of the pages in 123Cheese, screencap the windows, save as jpgs. THEN 'rebuild' the books in one of the other programs.

Doesn't that sound like fun? (voice heavily dripping with sarcasm)

I got one 100 page book done, but need to take a break.
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#VividSydney, #VividCanon ,  #VividToronga

Sydney Vivid - 2017
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I'm in a funk about it. I had so looked forward to photowalks, climbing up to high spots to get long exposures, to put my Alpine PULSE to work for making timelapses.... *sigh*

I've gone through the photos I managed to get... but still disappointed that I was only able to do about 20% of what I had planned.
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And it well and truly wasn't my fault. Each leg of the trip the terminal was at the furthest end of the fekking airport! From Perth, to Melbourne and then to Sydney. And of course the baggage collection was at the furthest spot from where we disembarked.

Ok, then to the hotel/apartment. Given slightly wrong directions as to which building was the hotel. So, turned around headed back to the right one. Then, headed to Darling Harbor to catch ferry to Circular Quay. Was given wrong directions as to which dock we were supposed to be at, and was sent the opposite direction. THEN we got correct directions and had to head waaaay the hell back the other way.

I broke out my google maps for pedestrians, and was able to find the Museum of Contemporary arts, and was only a little late. Photographer graciously allowed me to attend the 2nd session. Came back to hotel after a light dinner. I was exhausted. I fell asleep in strange place and didn't wake up until almost 8am.

The overdoing showed up today. Was able to visit the Sydney Aquarium. But dayam it was all I could do to NOT just plunk my ass down, with my leg stuck out.

Gonna take it easy for the rest of today. Process some photos, get dinner ready for Wing
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This was an image that I knew had issues. Noisy, lighting all over the place because of cloudy skies during a rainy sunrise.

On1 develop the raw image. I made sure I had clipping visible, and reduced the white levels, but not entirely, as it is a sunrise image, so a small bright spot is to be expected. I then went to Lens Correction. On1, like Adobe Camera Raw, picked the wrong lens. The lens used was the Tamron 24-70, but they both seem to want to choose the Sigma 24-70. Easy enough to manually select the Tamron. All distortion and chromatic aberrations gone without any need of extra adjusting.

Noise Reduction: I have to say I am finally satisfied with how On1 handles noise reduction. Used the Luminescence/Details to reduce the noise.

Then I went into EFFECTS. Used Dynamic Contrast, customized setting. Used Local Settings, a brush, to boost the details in the center of the rocks, making a more detailed path to the ocean. Another brush, to darken the clouds just a slight amount to bring out some details. Last was a Local adjustment, gradient, on the rocks to give them a bit of warmth.

Exported high res jpg into Photoshop, resized and watermarked. Saved.

I am quite pleased with the results.


Jun. 1st, 2017 07:45 am
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On1PhotoRaw 2017.5! It's the pre-release version for owners of One1PhotoRaw, so expect bugs and hiccups. (I have latest full release, so if I have any issues, I will just reinstall it)

Some of the new features, one of which I had mentioned was missing from On1PhotoRaw.. LENS CORRECTION! That was one of the things that was keeping me from using On1PhotoRaw exclusively as a camera raw editor.

Here is all the new key features:

Compare Mode - Select multiple photos and zoom and pan them at the same time. We feel we took the best features from compare and survey mode and combined them. Finally, you can zoom, pan, and pick the best shots in a series.

Lens Correction - The New Lens Correction pane in version 2017.5 automatically detects your lens and reduces distortion, chromatic
aberration and peripheral fall-off. It automatically applies the correction when you browse to a photo. Further manual adjustments can
also be made in Develop. If there isn't a built-in profile for your lens you can manually adjust it as well.

Stacking Presets - We are bringing back the Insert Preset command so you can stack presets in Effects.

Details Pane - The Sharpening and Noise Reduction panes in Develop are merged into a new Details pane focusing on global corrections for
raw photos. The noise reduction is more powerful and gives you better tools for visualizing your adjustments. If you like the old Noise
Reduction and Sharpening, you can still use them in Effects.

Lightroom Migration - We get requests everyday on the best way to move from Lightroom to ON1. (still twitchy in this pre-release.)

Improved Search - Search using a variety of metadata fields and decide if the search must match all or any of the search criteria. This
is one that we hadn't planned on doing right away but there was so many requests in the ON1 Photo Project we decided to move it up.

Clone Stamp - The powerful clone stamp retouching tool from Layers is now inside of Develop and Effects as part of the non-destructive

Improved Preset Management - You can delete and rename preset categories as well as export categories for sharing and backup.
More cameras added, more bug fixes, and more performance upgrades. We will have the details for this during the official launch.

And remember, when On1 installation says KEEP OLDER VERSIONS, it means what it has always meant from years ago; if you're installing an update v10 but still have v9, THAT is the older version it's asking if you to keep. NOT the v10 that is being updated,
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Zoner Photo Studio went subscription only in their last version. I asked them if they would ever have a non-subscription version and they said no. I told them (paraphrasing) "So long, and thanks for all the fish!" because I had gotten, tested and endorsed their product as being a Non-Subscription alternative to Photoshop.

However, they insist on emailing me about subscription sales. I keep saying "Please only contact me if you opt to have a Single User Standalone License."

I know, I know, you think mass mailing list. But the only way I can see if they WILL have single user standalone is if I am on the mailing list.

You would think with them offering subscriptions for 85% off all the fewking time, that to me shows their rental model ain't all it's cracked up to be, they would offer a standalone version for people who got their software because it WASN'T subscription!
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It seems that even Topaz Labs is getting on board with putting out their own Camera Raw editor.

Welcome "Topaz Studio". A full featured camera raw or DNG editor that will easily replace adobe Bridge/Adobe Camera Raw. And unlike other ACR competitors (sorry, On1, but at this time, this is true) it comes with lens correction that you can use or not., unlike DxO which will apply lens correction whether you want it or not (when I use a fish eye lens, I use it to get the fish eye effect, and don't want it removed).

And, it's easy enough that beginners will have no problem using it, but advanced features will satisfy the more experienced

Edits are non-destructive, and you can view the original and edited with a click of the button, or set it up to see it side by side/ over and under if you want.

You can also use all your current Topaz Labs Plugins in the editor. I haven't found a way to 'punt' edited image into other photo editor, but with all the tools included with Topaz Studio, you might not need to. Even if you do it's easy enough to SAVE AS, and then open in other editing program.

Topaz Studio is free to use, but if you want there is an "Adjustment Pack Pro", that a pre-release is being offered for 70% for current TopazLabs users. This does mean you have to have an account with TopazLabs, but if you own the software, you already do have the account. The Adjustment Pro Pack coupon code, funnily enough, 'presale' (without the quotes). The discount goes to 50% off when it goes on sale to the general public.
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In hopes to get some colorful sunset shots, but the storm clouds rolled. So, Lemons, lemonade.

Canon 5D4, Sigma 12-24

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I have a very old Canon wide angle lens, a 17-35mm F/2.8. Although it worked great for older camera bodies (550D, 40D, 7D) but its performance falls short on the 5DmkIV and the 7DmkII.

So, I have been testing diffferent lenses, taking a photo of the same thing, same settings..

Canon 11-24 f/4 - clear images even to the edges, barely visible fringing, minor vignetting. Can't mount a UV filter, but the lens hood extends past the element.

Canon 17-40 f/4 - clear images, slight softening at the edges. Visible vignetting and fringing. Can mount a UV filter.

Canon 16-35 f/4 - clear images, visible fringing and minor vignetting. Can mount UV filter.

Canon 16/35 f/2.8 - clear images, slightly visible fringing, and minor vignetting, but less than the f/4 version. Can mount UV filter.

Tamron 15-30 f/2.8 - clear images, very visible fringing, minor vignettings. Can't mount UV filter, but lens hood extends past the element.

Sigma Art 12-24 f/4 - clear images, even to the edges. Negligible fringing, negligible vignetting. Can't mount UV filter, but lens hood extends past the element.

So, it's down to the Canon 11-24 f/4 and the Sigma Art 12-24 f/4. They both produced excellent images, sharp, clear, even to the edges, so I have to choose by other criteria.

The Canon 11-24 f/4 is $2866 to $3,844.

The Sigma Art 12-24 f/4 is $1579 to $1999.

Sigma Art Series 12-24 f/4 for the win. Time to save my shekels!

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