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Photos taken at 6:15 through to 8:10pm

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Waxing Gibbous in a blue sky - 5D4, 100-400mkII, 1.4xmkIII extender.

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Canon 7D2, 100-400mkII, 1.4xmkIII extender, monopod.

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Canon 7D2, 100-400mkII, 1.4xMkIII extender, monopod.
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And I do wish I had checked on this sooner. The newer Canon L glass now works with it. Still no joy using any of the teleconverters, not at night for lunar or planetary photography. It doesn’t quite focus when using teleconverters at night. Will try again in the morning to see if brighter lighting conditions allow the use of them.

But here’s the results:

OMD EM1 with Kipon EF to MFT adapter. Lens mounted, Canon 100-400mk II L IS

OMD EM1 Kipon EF to MFT Adapter, Lens mounted Canon 70-300 L IS

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This was the first time there has been a full moon on December 25th since 1977. The next time this will happen is 2034.

Composite image, 1st image focused on the bird, 2nd image focused on the rising moon.

Canon 7D2, 100-400 L IS II, 1.4x MkIII.

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Handheld Canon 7D2, 100-400mkII with Canon 1.4x mkIII extender using 'back button' focusing.

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Canon 7Dmk2, Sigma 150-500, Kenko 1.4x extender. ISO 200, f/9.0, 1/200exp. 100% crop.

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