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Yesterday, I had a (too) close encounter with a Trump fan, replete with ethnic epithets and Trump sound bites.

I recovered.

Today, after lunch with my mother in law, my son and I got to the counter to pay, with Wing and his mom close behind. An elderly gent shoved his way between us to demand he pay his bill RIGHT NOW. Ok, fine.

Then, as my mother in law, who comes up to my shoulder, moves up ,a woman behind me almost hip checks her to get up to the counter first. My son, Alan, and I just looked at her, and figured let the rude person go.

As it was noisy in the restaurant, I went outside. Imagine my surprise when this woman came out, and started talking to me.

"Well I never! Some people! Can you believe how I was being served?" (I gave her a blank look) "That server said that *flicking her fingers back towards mother in law* woman was in line before me. Can you believe those people?"

Me "Uhh, that woman is my mother in law, and we were there before you, but an elderly gent got between us. Oh, that was my son up there ahead of you, too."

Her eyes got wide and she gave me one of those false laughs.. "Oh, it doesn't matter now." (aka, oh shit, I put my foot right in it) and she scurried off.

I didn't say another word, but am quite sure the look I gave her spoke volumes.

I wouldn't have said anything, but she lied. Flat...out... lied.
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But when I install a new version of a program over an older version, I always make sure I have the previous version, or versions, available just in case there is a problem with the latest.

Someone on a forum asked "How can I roll back to the previous version? (with the only other info is that the current one is bad, has problems and the problems haven't been fixed in the latest version)

I said he should be able to just reinstall the older version to overwrite the newer.

He left a snarky reply "If I had the older version, I doubt I would be on here to ask about rolling back."

So I left equally snarky reply "Your original post didn’t mention you didn’t save the previous version before overwriting with a new version. *shrug*"
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After leaving rank messages assuming by the title of my weblog that I was nuts, and when I informed them about what it meant, about how it was in literary quote, THEN told them to fuck off, nary a peep of apology or even a "Whoops, my bad." half-assed apology. Internet allows schmucks to be rude bullies and trolls. And typically they are the ones what cry FOUL when you dare to name and shame. Or even just mention what they did and people figure out who they are.

Stay classy, guys.
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And I am of two minds as to what to do.

A few weeks ago, a photo judge allowed his personal bias to derisively dismiss and insult me and my work in a rather rude, arrogant manner (calling the photographer, me, lazy and the photo not a 'challenge’) His actions, in my opinion, were unprofessional, rude, and cruel. I came >.< this close to just putting all my gear on ebay. No joke. As it was, I just packed almost all of it away.
Turns out my husband kind of ranted about it on his own. I didn't know, I had no part in that.

Because of his rant, and in a totally creepifying move, the camera club president showed up at my door, unannounced, and proceeded to vicariously threaten me for said judge.

*I'M* the injured party, willing to just shut up and go away, and the judge is in a snit? This was a person I had respected, who turned out to be unworthy of said respect.

Ok, my choices:

1: Just brush my hands off, and let the incident fall to the past. Sounds good in theory, but to me, this not only allows but encourages him (and possibly others like him) to repeat this unprofessional behavior.

2: Mediation. His lawyer has offered mediation, and the mediator he suggested is member of photography group, one which the judge was a member of, and is probably a good friend of. Figure the odds of THAT being unbiased. Call me paranoid, but that would be as unbiased as a certain "Fair And Balanced" cable news show.

Still 2: I am intimidated and scared of said judge. I don't want to be anywhere near him, and even typing this out, the very thought of it is bringing me to tears, upsetting my stomach and making my hands shake. I don't think he realizes or cares. But you should ask my husband how much my hands were shaking when I picked up a camera a few days ago.

So, do I face him, scared spitless and wanting to throw up, or just let him slide, and allow him to do it to someone else again?
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Many TeaPublicans (TeaParty/Republicans) like to heap tons of disrespect upon the office of the President, and the current holder of that office, even though he was duly elected... twice. He wasn't appointed in a shady Supreme Court decision.

I didn't like Mr G.W. Bush. He wasn't elected to the office in 2000. The Supreme Court gave him the office. And we know what that lead to. But I respected the office. When he was elected 2004, I still didn't like him, as he was inept, and totally unfit for holding the office, but I still respected the Office of the President, and when I spoke about him, I used his name, when I posted photos, they weren't defaced or covered with foul language.

This is where the TeaPublicans lose their high moral ground. When they use terms like "The Kenyan" or "Obummer", or "Barry" (or even worse extremely bigoted terms) they are disrespecting the Presidential office. They they openly scream "YOU LIE!" during a presidential address (if anyone should have been censured, it should have been Joe Wilson.). During last night SOTU address, you had rabid TeaParty members calling Mr President vile terms. They also kept calling him a 'tyrant' and a 'dictator'. Sorry, guys, massive fail. If President Obama was the tyrannical dictator you claim, you would have been dragged out of there and shot. Another made a rude noise and gesture, and stormed out (personally, good riddance to bad rubbish).

And then today: revisionist TeaBorgs, called that because they sit around parroting RWNJ talking points as if they all shared a hive mind, nursing imaginary grievances, loathing the fact that a rich white man is NOT in the Oval Office. Flogging the birther screed, and screeching IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH although the president has done nothing impeachable. But that little fact doesn't stop them from shouting IMPEACH to the rafters.

So now, after 5 solid years of GOP obstructionism, President Obama had laid it down, that he will use his Constitutionally Legal Executive powers to cut through the bullshit. Of course he didn't use the word bullshit, I did. And now, once again, screams of TYRANT, DICTATOR, UNCONSTITUTIONAL (totally disregarding that President Obama is a Constitutional Lawyer) that such RWNJ luminaries as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc etc, keep throwing out there. And if you call them their parroting FAUX News talking points, they get all up in arms, call you a "libtard" or othersuch insult, and they double down if you give them leads to factual data that debunk FAUX and cohorts comments.

Is President Obama perfect? Oh hell no. There's a lot he should have done, that he didn't, some that he shouldn't have done, but did. Caving in to TeaPublican 'negotiating' (Do it our way or we will wreck the country is Teapublican negotiations), and not backing his own plans because he hoped for bipartisanship.
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We bought some eggs, well before their expiry date. 4 out of the dozen were bad. I called the business/farm that supplied the store, and left a polite message explaining that having 1/3 of a dozen eggs be off just would not do.

I just got off the phone with a rep from the company. She was glad that I called, asked me for my details, and the info on the egg carton (I saved it just for that purpose). I will be receiving a voucher for a dozen eggs. :) She said they will have a rep stop in at the store where they were purchased and instruct them about rotating old stock out with a bit more alacrity.
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In my grandmother's kitchen:

Be careful of the words you say
Make them soft and sweet.
You never know from day to day
Which ones you'll have to eat.

Now, while I don't suffer fools gladly, I'm pretty decent about honest mistakes and miscues.

I emailed Mark about the work and money needed to repair the cat enclosure. I was polite about it, but I was firm about it, and backed up my issues with facts. He immediately offered to transfer the $200 back to our bank. Wing liked this idea of mine better. I called Mark and suggested this: work up an estimate for putting in a soakwell, and credit us the $200 on the job. He was amenable. :)

Today, I got my digital photography magazine in the mail. I went to the photo comp section only to find out I had received my magazine 2 days after the deadline. I emailed the company, telling the politely yet firmly that first it was my Feb/March issue that never arrived, and now my April/May issue arrived late, and this just will not do. After sending, I called the company too I explained the situation, told him what page it was on, my subscriber ID. I got apologies, a waiver on the deadline, and my photo was accepted.

So, politeness does still work. :)
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I wish I was a dimwitted as some people seem to think I am.... I get so fed up with being talked down to, or as if I have the IQ of an artichoke.
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A talking head/news reader talking about an execution with a smile on her face.

Just sayin'!


Jun. 15th, 2009 05:30 pm
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Some people just don't know when to STFU, and not be a buzz kill. Get some good news, and said buzz kill has to say or do something to bring ya down.

Yanno, just because you're miserable, doesn't mean the rest of the world around you wants to be, too.

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