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I can understand that there will be casualties but are we supposed to completely forget things? )
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Ok, again, I know there was a writers strike, but Episode 1 was a serious stuff up. It was as if the writers forgot what the 1st two seasons were about.

By episode 4 (so far) things are a bit more back on track, for the most part.

I don't like (or believe) how the character Mohinder is quite right. obvious spoiler, if you haven't guessed )

Nathan Petrelli spoilers again )

Claire more spoilers, if you can't figure it out )

Hiro and Andospo... I think you get the point. If you don't too bad if you read this )

Sylar yet again )

I do find it... amusing how the 'heroes' seem hook up and get hitched.
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I have just watched Episode 1, Season 3, of 'Heroes', also some previews of ep #2, and my burning question is this: Couldn't you have read the old scripts to refresh your memories?

I had serious "WTF?" and "Whohuhwha?"

Maybe y'all should go back and read what was done before, yes?
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Chapter 11: Powerless  )

End of Volume 2

Fade into new title:

Volume Three: Villains )

To Be Continued
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Four Months Ago )

To Be Continued
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Out of Time )
To Be Continued
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Chapter 6: The Line )

To Be Continued
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Fight or Flight  )

To Be Continued

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