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There are people out there doing something called 'bitcoin mining'. They have found some sort of way to use specific graphics cards to make this easier.

Because of them, just about all computer stores that have these cards have deliberately jacked up the prices of what the have in stock to increase their profits. I'm not saying higher prices on new stock because the manufacturers/suppliers are pushing up their prices, but on already in house stock.

I had one company try that bullshit with me.

The card was, with shipping and 3% PayPal surchage, $311. They had 5 in stock. Order one, and when I checked back, their counter said 4 in stock, meaning I had successfully purchased one.

I get email this morning from the store. "Unfortunately, the cards you are after are not currently in stock and there is a major shortage Aust wide as everyone is after these cards for bit coin mining. We expect a shipment in this morning"

Anyone surprised that they're charging $90 more?

I have said it before, and I will say it again... next time you try to screw me, kiss me first.

Found the same card on ebay for $30 less than what they were charging, NO paypal surcharge, AND free shipping
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I finally got a straight answer from MicroSoft in regards to getting my poor Vaio back to abby-normal Windows 8.1 after the disaster that was Win10 update. All I needed was a new Windows 8 license key, because the Windows 10 disaster invalidated my current one, even with the roll back. After almost frying my computer, JM had the audacity to tell me that a new License key would be $40... Excuse me?

So, I gave them my ASSURE info, then let my son Alan tell them the problem.So, Alan took over the keyboard and told them that the Win10 almost bricked my computer, took 3 hours to login to be able to roll it back, but I am still having persistent problems, and need a new OEM key to do a Repair Install (aka fixes specific issues without doing a factory reset) and that it was update to Win8 on the Vail was a digital download.

Ta Da! New OEM key provided, and dling Windows 8.1 Pro with Windows Media Center! (not so much I need Media Center itself, but I need specific DLLs that allows other programs to work.
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It's a small expense, but beats what it could have been. Turns out the desktops' power supply is the issue. Alan checked it out, tested it, and the power supply on my desktop is kaput! The good news is, is that that is the simplest easiest fix in regards to the inside of a computer.

And, as much as the issues with the Vaio irk me, I am so glad I have it.


Dec. 6th, 2016 08:20 am
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Get up this morning, get the the purrkids fed, get the coffee started, take care of feline toileting receptacles.

Boot up computer.... or should I say press power button. *Click* nothing. Check to see if Ziggy managed to unplug something. Shut off master switch, depress power button for 30 seconds, discharging any residual electricity. Press power button. *Click*

My bet (and hope) is that the same thing that took out the motherboard/cpu a while back, weakened the power supply and it just went.

Will have Alan test it out when he gets up. Using Sony VAIO with all USB hubs plugged in. Will have to do the 'Dance of the HDs" on occasion, but I can deal with that.
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The Orico USB 3 3.5” sata drive enclosure arrived today. Unplugged the MediaSonic enclosure, dismantled it, and removed the hdd from it. Put it in the Orico, sealed it up, plugged everything in.

Computer discovered it, loaded new drivers for the new enclosure. Drive was momentarily visible in Explorer…. then it disappeared.

I saw it in Device Manager, in HDD Sentinel, and even crappy SeaGate Tools could see and test it, but it was missing from Disk Management and Windows Explorer.

So, I went down the check list: removed it from device manager, and 'scan for changes'. Still not visible. Swapped ports.. still no joy.

*sigh* Rebooted, checked BIOS.. all good. Continued to login, and TADA!

Will be sending the MediaSonic (marketed as Hotway Rock HDL-SU3B 3.5in USB3.0 External Enclosure in Australia) to the programmer of HDD Sentinel. Maybe he can figure out how to get it to report HDD data (errors, write failures etc etc) before a catastrophic failure happens so others can use them.
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Ever since I got the new motherboard and CPU installed, got the computer back up and running, I have been hammering away at little things.

Soundblaster Wireless headset not working - Alan and I kept working on it, no joy. So I bought a new wired headset, but before tossing the SB one into the computer recycle bin, I decided to test it on Wing 's computer. It worked. Brought it back to my desktop. Uninstalled everything again. Rebooted again. Reinstalled everything again. Pressed the sync buttons and in less than 5 seconds it connected.

Bluetooth - for some odd reason, Windows 7 lost, for want of better word, the system tray and Control Panel icon for Bluetooth. I could install some antiquated software that would allow me to upload via Bluetooth, but I couldn't SEND anything. I got into a Microsoft Assure chat, and after checking everything, he said I had done everything to troubleshoot, and suggested I contact motherboard manufacturer. Well, I did, I sent an email, but I have never been one to sit on my hands.

I looked around, and found a 'generic bluetooth driver'. I plugged in the Bluetooth Dongle, let device manager run. Then updated the driver by selecting "Microsoft Generic Bluetooth Driver" from the list. Well, I still don't have an icon in my Control Panel, but I do have it on my system tray. Also, I can send and receive now via bluetooth.

Mislabled Monitors - Windows Color Management has my monitors mislabeled (#1 is the primary, #2 is Secondary, but WCM has them backward.) but Windows "Screen Resolution" has them properly labeled. I had a list of things to try, but none of them worked. Can't swap cables, as one is HDMI and the other is DVI. I did all that was listed on each and every MS help and official sites. No joy there, as most of them kept pointing me back to the same useless pages.

So, I kept working on it. I checked Nvidia control panel. All good. Display Fusion Control panel. Also all good. Actual Windows Manager, multiple monitor settings... WTF? I never selected that setting. Let's see what happens when I deselect it. Colors go wonky, icons shifted to other monitor, but now the monitors are properly labeled! Moved icons over, saved their position, reloaded color management profile for the monitor and now Primary is #1 and Secondary is #2.

Nerdz Rool!
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And reading a bit more, I figured I would play around some more to get the old bluetooth dongle to work. I followed on help site, but Windows kept trying to install many "Bluetooth Peripheral Devices".. over and over.

So, instead of trying to find hardware specific driver, I found a 'generic' Bluetooth driver. I shrugged and figured what the hell.

I unplugged the bluetooth device, uninstalled the WIDCOM and Broadcom drivers. Rebooted. Plugged the device back in. Picked Generic Bluetooth Adapter, and voila, both it and the Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator loaded without a hitch. Paired my phone with it, and was able to send and receive.

Nerdz Rool!
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I have been testing the beta version of the Pulse camera remote. And with the exception of a few things, I haven't found anything not to like.

Started off rocky, as mine arrived a bit earlier than expected, and the web page for it with instructions and links to the phone app wasn't set up. A few traded messages and that was rectified.

The device: Small, compact, easily set up on the camera (I'm currently testing on a Canon 5D3). My one issue is the cord is a bit short and tight. Yes, it's wound like a spring, and if I pull it a few times, it does stretch, but before I did that the rubber port covers on the camera and the tension of the cord was pulling the plug from the remote socket. As I typed, some stretching of the cord helps.

The App: Once you get the Pulse on your camera, power up the camera then the pulse. Paired up with phone via bluetooth without incident. App found my camera set up without issue. My one complaint about the app, is that the "Back" button on the phone, instead of going to previous screen, it exits the application. So, if you are in settings, press back after you've adjusted something, it exits the program, rather than return to the previous screen.

As I typed, in beta testing, little things matter.
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Every security program is really bitching about scans/checks/virus definitions being outdated and long overdue.

So, between updating those programs, and uninstalling/reinstalling drivers, I have been kept busy (thereby out of trouble.. mostly.)
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And some more reading, I was able to get the Replacement Replacement Seagate External drive to be visible and accessible.

The biggest problem with all versions of Windows from 95 on up to 10, is the error codes or lack thereof can have multiple causes, or none.

The fun part is trying to figure out which is it and rectifying it.

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