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Whatever ditch or orifice you have it.

You were asked about how the GOP is cutting off women's access to birth control, and your comments were not only dismissive, but self centered. You went on and on about how YOU and other MEN had condoms to use.

Hello? Women.. birth control. Or are you saying that only men can and should have the option of engendering children or not? That women can't decide to NOT get pregnant and take steps to prevent it?
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There is a highway funding bill, an infrastructure bill, being debated on. This is so needed, as the roads and bridges in the U.S. are in serious need of repair and maintenance.

What the GOP is trying to do is attach a rider to the bill, something that has zilch to do with fixing roads or bridges.They want to slip in banking deregulations. SotH Paul Ryan, The House Freedom Caucus (aka The Tea Party) and a well known DINO, Patrick Murphy.

Does anyone really want to go back to how the banks gambled with your money, and when they lost it, YOU had to pay to bail them out again?
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Dear Republicans; I type this out in hopes to appeal to the last iota of humanity in you. Now is not the time for you to strong arm a president that doesn't fit what you deem a proper president should be (white, rich, republican), by holding the people of Oklahoma in need of disaster relief hostage. Don't you *dare* hold back federal aid, or even threaten to. I know you're so anally partisan that this will be difficult, but don't do it.

There comes a time when your smarmy grins, smirks, condescension has to stop, and now would be a great time. But, should you choose to try to hold the families of Oklahoma hostage for your damned agendas, the ones that placate your bribers errr donors and lobbyists, there will be hell to pay.

Also, remember this; Texas, Oklahoma were many of your constituents live. If you dare to stab them in the back in order to just once again score points against a not white, not rich, not republican President, there will be consequences and hell to pay. True, many of you are 'safe' until 2014, but when your asses are turfed, and then you to go look for speaking engagements, or dare I say REAL jobs (seeing you haven't done a lick of work in over 4 years, unless you're trying to count trying to repeal The Affordable Care Act for the 37th time 'work'), that's when I will hope it bites you on your over paid, over bribed asses.
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So far, the GOP has been attempting to move heaven and earth to make sure their candidate sits in the oval office. They know that he can't win by fair means, and are doing all they can to make sure he get there by foul means.

So far, the GOP has (in no particular order):

Changed/restricted or gotten rid of early voting in districts that would favor democratic ticket. (One Republican politician bragged that they changed the PA voter laws so Romney would win the state.)

Engaged in voter intimidation. (GOP and TeaNuts harassing voters at the polls, making all sorts of demands, and just interfering)

Putting up signs saying show photo ID, and in itty bitty almost unreadable text "Voluntary not mandatory", but when people walk away not having the ID, not bothering to tell them, again, in areas that would favor Democratic candidates.

Voter suppression via illegal voter purges, or flat out lying to voters (example, telling voters in Wisconsin that if you've been convicted of a felony, you can't vote. Yes, you can if you've served your sentence, you are free to vote)

Voter Fraud - Republican worker who works for company with strong ties back to Romney/Karl Rove was busted throwing away filled out voter registration cards. Another one was fraudulent voter registration forms submitted in Florida by a firm the Republican Party hired.

This is just some of the shenanigans the GOP is up to. Let's be real, if the Democratic party did any of these, the GOP would be exploding.

But what gets me about all of this is the blind eye the republican supporters seem to have. If this shit was done TO GOP supporters they would be screaming blue bloody murder! That's called "Hypocrisy". Learn the word, all those who are ignoring what the GOP and it's supporters are doing, because the word hypocrite is readily applied to you.
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People paid cash for their Social Security insurance. Their benefits aren't some kind of charity or hand out.

Congressional benefits - premium federal health care, outrageous retirement packages, 67 paid holidays, three weeks paid vacation, unlimited paid sick days. Now that's welfare/entitlements.

And the GOP had the gall to call Social Security retirement 'entitlements'? Hullo?
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for daring to say he will raise taxes, I present to you, a bit of cold hard facts, provided by the US Treasury Department.

So, care to give up that hoary old lie? Or do you prefer to keep deluding yourself? How's that working out for you so far?
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Set the Wayback Machine to the times of Stalin, Mao, and every other country that started going after scientists, artists, musicians, any and all intellectuals. Rick Perry bragging about his lousy grades, and the even dumber ones applauding his underwhelming intellect is frightening.
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But whenever President Obama mentioned anything that even intimated that the tax breaks/loopholes/breaks for the wealthy and corporations were going to go away, there was suddenly a sea of GOP "cat asses".. aka pucked with disapproval GOP mouths. They aren't worried about jobs, because they have one already, their health care is on the taxpayers dime.

Cantor, not 5 minutes out of the hall started spinning the jobs plan. I listened to him. I can't understand how after all the obstructionism the GOP has been pulling, that people will actually believe what's falling out of his mouth.

So with like with the Healthcare reform, is the GOP is going to try gut it to make it next to useless. What I liked about the president's speech is it stated in quite clearly: the plans for the jobs incorporates things that the GOP were all for. Now, if they suddenly start dragging their heels, or try to gut it I just hope that republican VOTERS (not donators and bribers) finally see them for what they are. Money grubbing bought and paid for cronies who have forgotten they are supposed to be servants of the people, not there for billionaires and corporations and special interest groups, but PEOPLE. What has to happen for the GOP to clue up? Does a bridge have to collapse, killing someone wealthy before they realise that the bridges and roads need to be repaired?
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They are still a bunch of bought and paid for by PACs and corporations, close minded, ignorant, uneducated, narrow minded, hypocritical idiotic , lying hominids who would joyously drag the US into being their fucked up flavor of a Christian fundamentalist theocracy. Iran, but with a cross instead of crescent moon.

These morons are the best thing to happen for the Democratic party.
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Here's how many Republicans Senators voted to raise the debt ceiling each time it came up for a vote since 1997.

1997: 55
2002: 31
2003: 50
2004: 50
2006: 51
2007: 26
2008: 34
2008: 33

Then Obama was elected.

2009: 2
2009: 1
2010: 0

Yeah, Republicans were for raising the debt ceiling, until Prez O was, then they are against it. Just more of the same of "If Obama endorses it, we republicans are against it even if we were for it even weeks earlier!" Examples:

Financial disclosure

Cap and trade


Deficit spending

Bipartisan deficit-reduction commission

Individual insurance mandate

Medicare spending curbs

But wait! There's more.

Again, why aren't more people questioning the motives of the GOP? Why aren't they being asked, no demanding to know, why they are holding the US citizens hostages for their own political gain? Why are they deliberately trying to tip the US economy into a depression?

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