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I just got a phone call, from someone purporting to want to know if I was teaching dance classes. I politely said no, that since accident/surgery we no longer teach, and that I was surprised that this number was still out there as someone to call about said classes.

Caller then said she got the number from our website. (Uhh, no you didn't, but I didn't say that). I told her that the website was there for informational purposes only, and has been for a few years. She once again said she got the number from our website. I checked.. not only is email mostly disabled (with exceptions for advise on sewing), there are no phone numbers on it.

Also, yes... it's been a few years, but I still recognize your voice, you silly twit. Still haven't grown up to be an adult?
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If you are going to call Meegan's house, and pretend to be someone named "Emma", you should remember a few things. Meegan knows your voices; we both remember that A.W.'s stage name is Emma, but the kicker is if you are going to use a false name, and try to pump Meegan for information, you should really not call yourself by your real name after saying your name is "Emma".

I guess brains isn't something either of you suffer from an overabundance.
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It went well. It was the longest dance performance I have done since before the disc slipped. My left leg did give me a few 'you want me to do what?' fits and starts, but overall, it was ok. Meegan said she couldn't tell that I had 1: Almost fallen over backwards, 2: Faked a dance step because left leg decided to get lazy, 3: Had a massive brain cramp and went blank. heh

aikidomayland Took pictures but I haven't taken a look at them. Too tired. Hopefully next year, we will have a bit more advanced request and be able to round up and rehearse with students. Have a nice big group there.
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Wow... amazing.

Yeah, I know it was pushing myself to do something I wasn't quite ready for (and boy is my leg twitching up a storm, and my ankle is puffing up) but I did it anyway. aikidomayland took pics, and I will wade through them later. :)

We only did a 10 minute set of music. Talked to Bruce (committee member) and have been told we will be invited back again next year. I think this time though, we are going to train all students who want to attend it for months prior.
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"International Womens' Day"

After a bobble with the wrong address being emailed to us (we arrived at the Ottey Center. Receptionist took one look at us and said "You want the Atwell Center" and proceeded to give us directions.) we pulled up to the Atwell Community Center.

We arrived there and was overwhelmed with the greetings! I have to admit I was a bit nervous about dancing, seeing as I haven't quite gotten 100% of my legs back, so to speak, but once the music started, and we started dancing, all the worry and even the pain just disappeared. We danced wonderfully, to a very appreciated audience, and other attendees.

We generated much interest, and have been invited to return next year. :)
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Had a helluva session today. Made appointment to see Damien on Monday, to see if I am ready to use gym equipment under supervision. I hope so.

Have changed my mind a few times on what I will be wearing tomorrow. Was going to wear one of my tribal headpieces, but with as hot as it's going to be tomorrow, I think turban would be better to prevent sweat from pouring onto face, and into eyes. A most unlovely side effect of performing in such hot weather.

I love my..

Feb. 5th, 2007 07:21 pm
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I live in a Telstra dead zone. And three guesses who my mobile phone carrier is? Skype comes in handy for calling people I need to get ahold of and don't really feel like walking halfway down the hill and use my mobile.

Lindsay, one of our students who travels back and forth between Canada and here is back in town. and wants all of us to get together. Planning on it for tomorrow.

Faulty E-bike is back on its' way to the seller. *sigh* Will wait a while and get one from same place I got mine. Oh well that is what I get for trying to save some money.
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You always get your primadonas that prance up front, forcing the ones who don't know what to do towards the back of the class. Especially the ones that should be either in a very advanced class, or out there performing. The ones who want to shake to show off to the newer students.

But when they forcefully take over the class, and then the ones who want to learn end up leaving, things are a-gonna change. We have had enough of these antics. If they want to just 'burn off calories' and aren't there to learn, they will be relegated to the back of the class, and the ones who do want to learn will be brought to the fore so they can see the teacher. This is not negotiable.
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Black Swan Tribe at Sirocco Club ' Kidogo'  )
True, I am not 100% yet, and not quite ready to get back into teaching/performing on regular basis.... but I am well on my way.
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Or as Meegan and I jokingly say "Oot and aboot."

Got manicure for this busy weekend of work. Came home and went though jewelry and other items. Been a while since I used them so wanted to make sure there was nothing loose or missing. Took a few items out to the clothesline and gave them a new coat of clear acrylic paint.
Meegan is on her way to Geraldton to run the Tribal workshop. She and Daggles are going to treat the road trip as a slight vacation from two teenagers. I really did want to go, but I was outvoted by both aikidomayland, Meegan and Daggles. *sigh* There will be others. She will get back in time for us to go to the Sirocco Club shindig, with other dancers and dance groups.

At Kidogo Art Centre
Bather’s Beach, Fremantle
Near the old Maritime Museum
Sunday 3rd Dec 6-10pm

Have a byo sunset beach picnic then join us in the Art House for the dancing
Pre-paid $8
Door sales $10
Performers $3
It's a fundraiser, all profits/proceeds going the WSPA and RSPCA.

Yes, this will be my first dancing engagement since back surgery. I have been testing myself to find out just what I am capable of doing. Damien (physical terrorist) told me that dancing was fine. I asked him again about what some rumormongers were claiming, that the disc slipped because I didn't know what I was doing (and how they said that others would get hurt if they studied with me). He said they were just making noise, as my scans/mri show old calcified damage to both the disc and the vertebrae. There was no way dancing caused the damage or caused it to slip. I kinda half smiled and asked if I could get that in writing, and he said yes.

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