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Wing and I went for a bit of a long walk today. It was good and it was to test something.

Although I can wear the compression knee bandage if I am going for short walks, or around the house and yard. Longer walks, I will be needing the hinged knee brace. It's good to know this now, before we head to Sydney! Would be a disaster to get there and not be able to walk long distance .

So, pack or wear the hinged brace, pack the three compression knee bandages.

And we have been discussing what gear to bring. One camera body, 5D4. Lenses: 24-70, 70-300 and the 12-24. Should have all bases covered that way. Also, bring SD cards, as I found out they will have cameras set up for the studio/photo sessions, and the ones set up only take SD cards. I will bring CF cards for when we do our own photowalks in Sydney.
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I have a very old Canon wide angle lens, a 17-35mm F/2.8. Although it worked great for older camera bodies (550D, 40D, 7D) but its performance falls short on the 5DmkIV and the 7DmkII.

So, I have been testing diffferent lenses, taking a photo of the same thing, same settings..

Canon 11-24 f/4 - clear images even to the edges, barely visible fringing, minor vignetting. Can't mount a UV filter, but the lens hood extends past the element.

Canon 17-40 f/4 - clear images, slight softening at the edges. Visible vignetting and fringing. Can mount a UV filter.

Canon 16-35 f/4 - clear images, visible fringing and minor vignetting. Can mount UV filter.

Canon 16/35 f/2.8 - clear images, slightly visible fringing, and minor vignetting, but less than the f/4 version. Can mount UV filter.

Tamron 15-30 f/2.8 - clear images, very visible fringing, minor vignettings. Can't mount UV filter, but lens hood extends past the element.

Sigma Art 12-24 f/4 - clear images, even to the edges. Negligible fringing, negligible vignetting. Can't mount UV filter, but lens hood extends past the element.

So, it's down to the Canon 11-24 f/4 and the Sigma Art 12-24 f/4. They both produced excellent images, sharp, clear, even to the edges, so I have to choose by other criteria.

The Canon 11-24 f/4 is $2866 to $3,844.

The Sigma Art 12-24 f/4 is $1579 to $1999.

Sigma Art Series 12-24 f/4 for the win. Time to save my shekels!
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You mess with us all!

A @CanonCollective member had one of her photographs taken by someone by the name of Kenna Ploof, who then posted it as her own, attempting to sell it.

Kenna had several different photography sales pages, all sporting a mix of some of her own images (she was in them, selfie sorts) and other images that weren't hers, nor was she giving license to sell them.

The Collective has descended upon her, and so far she had deleted two Twitter accounts, a Redbubble account, a viewbug account, and changed her name to Tanya Goren on the gurushots website, but still showing the same stolen images as her own. Other aliases are Kenna Leigh Photography (those sites seem to have evaporated, too)

You mess with one of us, you mess with us all!
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Over the past few days, I have been putting the new Canon 5DmkIV to the test.

And for the most part, I will have to say it's passed with flying colors.

It isn't made for sports or fast action photography, or wildlife photography, but you know something? I was able to track and photograph birds flying overhead, with amazing accuracy. With the high speed continuous shutter not being as loud as its' predecessor, it can be used for wildlife photography without scaring away your subjects, most of the time (there are always some that are camera shy).

Over the weekend, I used the 5D4 at the Perth Zoo (not many moving subjects) and at Herdsman Lake, in Selby, where there were a lot of moving subjects.

Perth Zoo:

Silver Gull doing a flyby - The AF tracking kept the gull in focus

AF focusing, AI Servo mode, kept the dragonfly, in flight, in focus.

Auto ISO works a treat, and the new sensor; even in shady conditions, you don't get excessive noise.

Details, sharpness and better dynamic resolution.

Herdsman Lake:

AI Servo Auto Focus Tracking keeps the running Purple Swamphen in focus.

Tracking a Kite overhead, the 5D4 kept the subject in focus.

Nankeen Night Heron coming in for a landing.

Straight from camera, the dynamic range is heads and shoulder above the 5D4's previous incarnations.

To sum up: it's not just a few extra tweaks or a new coat of paint. Many of the above shots I would not have been able to do with the 5D3. Not saying the 5D3 is a bad camera, but it's successor is just that much better.
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First off, even with the new features and buttons, the Canon 5DmkIV is familiar enough to use straight out of the box. Got things set up, and then read some (not all) of the manual.

4 images, BIRDS ON A STICK! lens correction done, cropped down to main subject for close viewing, no other editing.

The Good

1: Handles higher ISOs wonderfully. I shot these photos at ISO 800, one in direct sunlight, one in partial shading and two in full shade. I didn't run any noise reduction, either in camera or in post. No noise worth mentioning at all.

The Good part II.

2: Sensor is MAD with details! Even in shots #2 and 3 which are in shadow, the fine details in the feathers and on the twigs is clearly visible. Dynamic range is much better than its predecessor.

The good thing this is good because the other is just ok.

3: The high speed continuous shutter speed is a helluva lot quieter in the 5D4 compared to the 5D3 or the 7D2, and faster than the 5D3. This is a good thing, because the low speed silent continuous is slow. And I mean s..l..o..w. That being typed, with the high speed continuous nowhere near as noisy as in previous or different Canon models, it can be used if you need a faster frame rate, but still want to remain rather quiet.

Now, I have only had it for a few hours, reading the manual, setting it up and will have a more detailed review after some serious use.
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In the process of shifting close to 500 photos taken over the past few days to HD storage.

Have wiped down the camera, and will be doing same to the lenses, as there was rain, and salt spray from the ocean/waves/breakers.

Also found out the hard way that my hiking boots are about 1cm too small. No wonder toes felt like they were breaking.

#canoncollective #canonaustralia
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Wing and I are heading up to the Pinnacles, in Cervantes W.A. Since the weather is a bit dicey, I have opted to take weather sealed (can go under running water without a problem) Olympus EM1 with two equally weather sealed lenses.

Also bringing the Canon 5D3, 100-400 and the 8-15mm fisheye, which is weather resistant, meaning long as its not a Noah and the Ark fable of rain, I can be out in the rain and it will be ok.

Will also be bringing Lumix 100-300 just in case of bird photography, as I have been told there have been many sightings of raptors/birds of prey around there. Not weather sealed, but as long as I'm careful, it will be ok.
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Handheld Canon 7D2, 100-400mkII with Canon 1.4x mkIII extender using 'back button' focusing.

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I brought a list of questions to ask about the 5DS and 5dsr... and oddly enough, it's not something I want or need. Nice piece of hardware, but for what I do, not of any use.

Larger megapixel sensor means it’s more sensitive to camera vibration. Since most of what I do isn’t studio, or landscapes or other tripod mounted shots (photographing birds, wildlife, street) tracking erratic flight of birds, if using 5DS/5DSr, it would cause a lot of sensor vibration, and screwed up shots.

Also, I asked "If I want a 50mp shot, I will take 4 photos, import them into layers, align them, blend them.", and he honestly added that I would get the same results, but with studio work, you get that all in one photo. Fair enough, but I don't often do studio work or landscapes.

After asking all the questions I had on my list it comes down to this: The new Canon 5DS and 5DSr are great pieces of hardware. But what I've got now does everything I want and more.

Finally got my hands on the new Canon 11-24. Focuses surprising fast. Only got to use it indoors, though. Will have to hire it to try outdoors.

The 300mm Prime is ok, but I have 100-400. True, it's 'only' an F4, but I am normally shooting at f/8 or above.
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I have been using the Kipon EF Mount Adapter on my Olympus EM1 using both the Canon 100-400mkII L f/4.5 and the Canon 70-200mkII L f/2.8 with interesting results.

I have found that of the lenses that Kipon didn't test, the 100-400 performs better on speed of focus, and locking focus than the 70-200mkII. This includes when using 1.4xMkIII extender.

Lighting: HUGE thing they don't mention is that you have to have nice bright ambient light to use autofocus, but need to switch to manual focus in dimmer light. I suggest using a flash if you have to do this.

Also, with or without the 1.4x extender, when using the 100-400, when zooming about 50 to 60% (200mm to 300mm) the image in the viewfinder goes dark, f stop misreads to 0.09. It does return normal when I get to the full 400mm zoom.

Focus Speed: Today, it was cloudy, rather dim ambient light. The 100-400mkII focusing speed is fractionally slower than using the Olympus Lens with the MFT adapter. The 70-200mkII is extremely slower, if it would focus at all.

I think part of the problem with this is that it's the "Mark One" adapter, mostly tested with older lenses. You have to really dig to find out which lenses were tested with this adapter before it was put out on the market. The older Canon L glass were tested as were the 'kit' lenses. Who knows, maybe Mark Two will be address these issues.

Do not take this to mean it's of no use. For the price, it's a great way to extend what lenses you can use with your MFTs kit. Just remember, if you're using the MkII lenses, make sure it's nice and bright outside and expect it to be a bit slower to focus.

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