Jun. 22nd, 2017

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RedFox AnyDVD HD - To me, this was a great shell game.

A year or so ago, ONE person left Slysoft, all the others stayed.

Then Slysoft was 'shut down', then was reopened a nanosecond later as Redfox 'Project'. Exactly the same software, slightly different logo (they only put a black mask on the Fox, I kid you not, that was all that was done). They insist they're NEW company, but Slysoft forums still work, as does Slysoft software checking for updates. So yes, it was a name and possible location change, but they were no longer going to honor Slysoft license holders.

Here's the rub: I had gotten the life time updates option for Slysoft. 'Redfox Project' graciously offered a 20% discount for Slysoft lifetime license holders.

To me, this is like if the FORD company decided to rename to CORD, and every FORD owner was told their extended warranty, lemon laws, or contracts weren't going to be honored.

I did end up getting the lifetime license again, as I do NOT do subscription software if I can avoid it. Here's hoping they don't pull another shell game.
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“Hey! Where’s my dinner!”

If it wasn’t for him having to have an insulin shot after his morning feed, and having three scheduled feeds through the rest of the day instead of just two feeds and letting him graze on kibble, and the way he chases after “The Red Bug” aka laser dot, you wouldn’t know he was a 14yr old moggie with diabetes. Vets have said his heart/liver/kidney/lung functions are fine. No sign of arthritis, sight and hearing is fine, and even his teeth are good conditon.

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