May. 18th, 2017

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The "Car Accident" Scammers are back! Here's the phone number they called me twice from: 02 8006 9329

Yes, I had a play with them, so they called me twice.

I asked "Is this about the accident with our Green Kia wagon?"

She said she only had details that I had been in a car accident, that wasn't my fault.

"Well, if you can't tell me my name and the make and model of my car, I'm not giving you any personal information!".

She said she would have her 'supervisor' call me back.

He called, claimed his name was "Jordan". Same song and dance. Same reply, from me, and when he said he could call me back tomorrow with the information.. meh.

"Guy, bored now, so I'm not going to play anymore. I haven't had a car accident in over 25 years, and I know this is a scam, and am going to broadcast this number far and wide."

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