May. 10th, 2017

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I got a new pair of hiking boots yesterday, because the old pair always bruised my toes and just hurt like hell to wear.

After wearing them for over 6 hours yesterday, I wasn't getting cramps in left calf, and my lower back wasn't as achey. I'm hoping that the fit and shock absorbency will help with right knee. Not expecting it to 'cure' the knee, still need replacement, but combined with the snynovial injection, to ease the pain and make walking a bit less of a limping affair.

And to all the well meaning people: Although I do appreciate that you care, please, no more armchair medical advice.

No, I don't need orthodics in my shoes. My left heel is sore because it hits the ground harder than the right foot does because of my back issue.

My back issue is because of a disc that calcified and collapsed. Did have back surgery 9 yrs ago, but I have lingering issues with it (read above).

No, the brace/compression bands aren't too small or too tight. Yes, I have discussed the puffy right foot with GP, knee surgeon and a physiotherapist. It's caused by the leg having restricted movement.

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