May. 6th, 2017

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Wing and I went for a bit of a long walk today. It was good and it was to test something.

Although I can wear the compression knee bandage if I am going for short walks, or around the house and yard. Longer walks, I will be needing the hinged knee brace. It's good to know this now, before we head to Sydney! Would be a disaster to get there and not be able to walk long distance .

So, pack or wear the hinged brace, pack the three compression knee bandages.

And we have been discussing what gear to bring. One camera body, 5D4. Lenses: 24-70, 70-300 and the 12-24. Should have all bases covered that way. Also, bring SD cards, as I found out they will have cameras set up for the studio/photo sessions, and the ones set up only take SD cards. I will bring CF cards for when we do our own photowalks in Sydney.

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