May. 4th, 2017

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The on suite cistern wasn't filling fast enough. So, being my fussbudgety self, I took apart the cistern valve assembly.. again. I checked the large silicon gasket and made sure it was flush (no pun intended) on the intake. Then I checked the gasket that fit onto the pressure lever. I took off my glasses so I could get a close look, and there was no discerning marks, so lined it up and placed it on top of the large gasket.

I then took the collar and made sure the threads lined up, and starting to twist it back on. That's when I noticed that a small lip on the intake wasn't tucked under it. I unscrewed it, and carefully lined it up, and I noticed it tightened down further than it had done previously. Reattached the anchor collar, put the ballcock back on, and turned the water back on full, prepared to shut it off should I get the fountain effect again.

No fountain, just pouring out from under the screw on collar, as it should be, and no longer leaking from the pressure lever.

Damn, I'm good!

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