Apr. 27th, 2017

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It seems the SYNVISC injection is doing it's job. Much less grinding pain when bending the knee, and less side to side movement. The patella is moving smoothly over the joint, too. Still tends to hyper extend but that is something that can be avoid by using a compression band that have supports on the sides. Also, my left knee is feeling better because I'm not leaning all my weight to one side. That and the nifty anti-inflamatory I am taking.

My gastrocnemius is still giving me fits, but not where as bad as it was just a week ago. The right tensor fasciae latae is still knotting up, so H gave it the pressure massage treatment. It unlocked, but DAYAM is it sore now. He also examined the patella and surrounding ligaments/tendons. Would it come as a surprise that I am more sore now after the exam than I was before I got it? (rueful laugh) Told H I will not be doing the heel dip exercises as it feels as if it's ripping the right calf muscle apart. S'ok, though, I have a new one to help retrain how I walk. Amazing how the body adapts when one part isn't working quite right. Time to make it remember how it's supposed to be.

So, overall update: Just a little over 2 weeks after synovial injection, I have visible improvement. It takes 2 months to achieve full benefits, but the amount I have improved in just two weeks bodes well. I will keep doing my exercises to strengthen the glutes and to get the TFL loose yet strong.

Oh.. the unintended but welcome side effect of being able to walk around, regularly taking my thyroid meds again, and doing the specific physio exercises.. I lost 5cms from around my hips!
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I know this happened last year, but I have had a lot going on, so just kep letting is slide.

I used to use HULU, the free version. I had no problem watching the ads or the ad breaks. But it seems that they have changed how they do things. They got rid of the free version, and are subscription only. If I am going to subscribe to a streaming video feed, I don't care HOW they charge $4 less a month, I will NOT pay to watch advertisements.

It's really a shame, too, as I did enjoy their content. Oh well.

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