Mar. 28th, 2017

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After hours online with MS Support, three different techs regarding doing a "repair install" on my Window 8.1 laptop that the 'free' upgrade to Windows 10 screwed up, and I managed to roll it back to 8.1, but had persistent problems, hardlocks, things not working, I got told TODAY that I can't do a repair install, I have to do a full reinstall, which means reinstalling all the programs currently on it.

I know that Microsoft TOS/EULA says they can't be held liable for damages caused even when caused by their own products, but the MS Windows 10 assessment tool erroneously said my laptop was Windows 10 ready. That turned out to be wrong. But had the Win 10 update had said "If you install this and it doesn't work, you have to wipe your drive and reinstall everything again", instead of "All you have to do is roll back to previous OS", I never would have updated it.

Error 0x80073712.. whatever the hell THAT means.
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But will wait until Friday.

After 6 hours with Microsoft support working on my laptop with little or no success, my problematic computer has been punted up to Tech Tier 2. More things will be tried, but I have sinking feeling that Alan is right, that it would take less time for me to just reinstall windows, and then the rest of the programs.

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