Mar. 25th, 2017

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Watching "Battlestar Galactica - Last Fracking Special". Really enjoying listening to the actors describe what it was like on the show.

Wing didn't really like the reboot, that it was too dark. Yes, it was, but the struggle for survival was more realistic.

I remember talking to Richard Hatch about the show at SupaNova 2009, about the 'prophecy' about the dying leader bringing them to the 13th colony. I told him I never thought it was Roslin, that the Galactica itself was the dying leader. That was a fun conversation, one I will treasure.

I think I'm going to break out the DVDs and have a marathon.
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It's been about a month since we almost lost Keito to diabetes, and with only minor changes in his daily life, he is back to normal. He has a feeding schedule to make sure his blood glucose levels don't go too high, or too low.

1st feed between 6 and 7am. Insulin injection 30 minutes afterward.
2nd Feed between 11am and Noon.
3rd feed between 3 and 4pm
4th feed 7pm or later.
One small bowl of kibble.

Funny thing is that Keito lets us know when he is due for another feed.

He has put on obvious weight, which is good.

So, our "Old Man" will be around for a while longer. :)

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