Mar. 2nd, 2017

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*sigh* Got back from seeing Dr S and a physiotherapist.

My right knee doesn't just have a meniscus tear. The meniscus is shredded. I also have bone on bone grinding going on. Dr S was impressed that I was well versed in family medical history, and that I was getting around with only OTC ibuprofen, and paracetamol with low dose of codeine.

He told me that I will be facing knee replacement surgery. Not right now, as it would take me up to 6 months to recover, and we have non-refundable plans in June. And as the left knee is showing some signs of arthritis, chances are sometime down the road that one will be necessary to have replaced, too.

Physio said that all the ligaments and tendons are in fantastic shape, so it's just the knee joint itself. He ultra sounded my knee, and it turns out the swelling in it is caused by blood pooling up from the injury. Hooked up to electro-therapy to break it up, and reduce swelling.

So, current plan of action: fitted hinged knee brace. A course of muscle strengthening exercises for the quads. see physio again in 2 weeks.

Anti-noninflammatory meds for a month. Check to see if that helps. There is something called "SYNVISC". It's injected directly into the affected joint, and if it works (80% success rate) it will withing 3 to 8 weeks give me me 50% relief, forestalling the knee surgery.

But it's so freaking expensive, either way.

On an aside, Dr S was rather impressed that with the level of .. umm.. discomfort, I stayed as active as I did.

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