Sep. 10th, 2017 08:48 pm
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Took antiseptic shower with the pre-op soap. Needed a bit of help reaching around my back, so called Wing for assistance. He obliged. Skin feels a bit tight now.

Necklace my grandmother gave me, rings, earrings, bracelet, and citrine in a box to keep them safe at home. Have my overnight bag packed.

My stomach is churning with stress/anxiety right now. I should go to bed now, and try to get some sleep, as I will be getting up around 4am to get to the hospital by 6:30am.
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Had a phone call from the anesthesiologist as she wanted a full run down of my medical history (or as near as I can fill her in on) and for what will be happening on Monday.

It seems I will be given an epidural, and then general, as a way to cut back on the amount of general to be used. By keeping me numb from lower back down, the less general anesthesia is needed, and it will clear the system faster for a quicker recovery.

I will also be given an arterial jab as a better way to keep an eye on oxygenation and to keep an eye on my blood pressure.

This is the first time I have had to have major surgery.... and I have no problem admitting I'm scared.
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If you sell something, and it's crap, or not quite as you have described, I will say so.

Two different sellers, two different e-markets.

Amazon seller sold a used CD. I had no problem with it being used, as the seller said it was in "very good" condition. It arrived, and the surface was obviously scuffed and scratched. I was able to rip the contents to my music directory, and with audio tools, remove the clicks and hisses. I gave her a 3 star rating. She kept sending me messages, claiming I had buyers remorse, and there was nothing wrong with the CD. The kicker is this: it got tapped by AQIS for having a foreign substance on it, and I took photos of the notice, the bright yellow and black AQIS tape, and the report. Sent them to her. She changed her tune, and said I was expecting too much.

eBay seller. I bought a silicone case for my S7. It arrived, and it was so loose and flaccid, my phone would fall out of it. I emailed the seller, included photos showing how it didn't fit on the phone. He offered me, I kid you not, 50 cents refund. "That is one helluva scam. You sell something for $5, and even with photographic proof showing it's faulty, this is your offer?" I reported him to eBay, and my money was refunded by eBay. I then gave him a neutral feedback rating, stating "Didn't fit phone, phone would fall out. Money refunded". Seller sent me a message, I am presuming is whining about the neutral rating, but tough shit. He was damned lucky he didn't get a negative rating.
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More pre-op things. Visited a physio to get some pre-op exercises to help stretch, and to see what sort of mobility/stability my current joint can handle. Umm, ow?

Then off to the EKG. I have a heart! Who would have thunk it? Normal sinus rhythm.

Off to radiology. Enter the folding, bending, spindling. To get clear xrays (yes, plural) of my knee joint, my leg had to be twisted into position. To say that hurt would be understatement. Do this for about an hour. Then xrays of the spacer between my vertebrae (4, from different angles), and a chest xrays (two).

I'm quite sore now... and wonder if I'm going to glow in the dark!
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Blood drawn to check for Hep B and C (both will come back negative) HIV (also will come back negative), throat and nasal swabs (not fun) to test for MRSA, and one other liquid test in a little jar (I shall leave that to your imagination).

A few days off, then off for EKG, and Xrays.

Came home, cleaned and refilled the bird feeders. They don't wait for me to leave anymore, even the wattlebirds. :)
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Arthroplasty (knee replacement) is a go.

Discussion with Dr S, informed consent form filled out, pre-op XRays and tests scheduled. Meeting with 'joint specialist' on Friday to discuss what pre-op exercises I need to be doing.

Because of asthma, and weight, I will be in ICU after surgery for one day, as a precaution. Then into my room, and rehab commences almost immediately.
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After uninstalling, reinstalling, reactivating over and over again, I ended up getting error that I had exceeded the allotted number of activations, so I had to open a different support ticket, giving them the information regarding the above mentioned 'over and over' section.

Just shits and giggles, with version 3.1.2 installed, I decided to try to compatibility modes. I started at the top with Vista, V SP1, V SP2. No joy

Server 2008 and 2003. No joy

XP, XP SP1, XP SP2. No joy

Windows 2000. Nope

NT 4 with SP5. Nope.

I was ready to give up, but just for laughs, I tried Windows 95 compatibility mode. And holy crow, the UI opened! I was able to navigate all the menus, no problems. I tried Win 98/ME compatibility. It also worked. However I noticed that although the system tray icon says that Ransomware protection is on, the UI will say it's unavailable. Some online searches showed that it will do that because according to posts on the forums, there was no ransomware with Windows 95/98/ME or XP.

I thank my foresight for deciding to upgrade Windows 7 to Pro version, as the Home and Premium would have only had compatibility to XP and above only. 95/98/ME weren't included in Home or Premium.

So, I ended up figuring out how to get it to work, not their in house techs.

So, it's working now.. and Alan said "If it ain't broken, don't fix it!"
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We had some nasty storms a few weeks ago, with strong winds, and driving rain. It overloaded the gutters, shorted out two lights, fried a fuse on the electrical panel, and caused some gyp-board damage. We have never made a claim before.

We have to pay the $200 excess, but are getting more than 1k of cost of the electrical repairs back. AND we won't have our rates raised.

Waiting to hear about repairs to where the gutters overflowed and damaged the gyp-boards.
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This morning I saw sparkling water drops on some pretty purple blossoms, and I noticed both my small Geraldton Wax seedlings (still called seedlings until they reach 1" across the base) were in danger of being swamped by weeds.

I pushed the camera out of the way, pulled the weeds out about 2ft diameter around them both, making sure to not shake off the morning water droplets. I then proceeded to take macro photos of the blossoms. I stood up from my squat, and it was all I could do to hobble back into the house.

I know, I know... we are supposed to suffer for our art, but dayam, my knee was killing me! Nope, no doubt now.

Geraldton Wax Blossom

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I have been instructed to run MBCleaner... again. And do another clean install.. again.

My response is as follows.

My eyelid just started twitching.. I have to ask, please don't take it personally, what is uninstalling MWBs with MWCleaner for the (checks) 21st time going to fix, that the first 20 times didn't?

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